360 REU was created upon the realization that within the next 5 years, single family homes will become so expensive that average Americans will be forced to rent. Yet, there are some elites fighting to become the first trillionaires, while average Americans aren't event millionaires living to survive daily. Our mentors have banned together to do all we can to effect the change we want to see in the world through education, knowledge and the real support that empowers and inspires everyone to change their lives forever!

Meet Our Educational Mentors


Jacqueline knew there was more to life than being a CPA who helped crush the middle class. So, she left her big International Tax Planning career to help make as many millionaires as possible! She teaches businesses how to save taxes & people to flip homes!


Alex has 800 doors under management and focuses on aligning personal development with entrepreneurial success. He aims to get your in your first deal!


Abdullah has founded 8 businesses each making 6-7 figures. He owns 30+ rental properties, 20+ AirBnBs, and completed 100+ house flips. He made his fortune in Wholesaling and now wants to help you get started making money like him.


Known as the $2 billion man, Brad has made waves in his career raising large sums for business ventures and real estate. Brad's goal is to help as many people raise capital through strengthening relationships to make sure students get deals done.


Sam & Anita went from having a negative $80K net worth to a 7 figure net worth within a few years, while working their day jobs. They mastered money, numbers, & the banking system. Learn how they use creative financing to buy real estate and break free.


Having spent 30 years protecting people's money and never having lost a dime for her clients, Kris is a master wealth strategist. It is her personal mission to help educate others into learning money and personal finances, so you can build income you can't outlive!

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